KGeoBag (geometry) - <geometry>

The geometry section of the configuration file is the first piece needed in order to assemble a simulation. At its first and most basic level it is responsible for defining all the different shapes that will be used, and placing them with respect to one another in order to construct the arrangement (often called assembly) that is needed.

A full a description of all of the shape objects (surfaces and spaces) which maybe constructed in KGeoBag can be found in this chapter. The abstract base classes which serve as the interface between KGeoBag and Kassiopeia are KSSpace, KSSurface, and KSSide (see GitHub: Kassiopeia/Operators).

The geometry section is also responsible for adding “extended” information to the defined geometry elements. These extensions can be properties such as colors for visualization, or boundary conditions and meshing details for the electromagnetic simulations.

Every relevant to the geometry description is processed by KGeoBag and must appear between the start and end brackets:

    <!-- fill in geometry description here -->


The full description of the geometry need not lie within the same pair of <geometry> and </geometry> brackets. This facilitates the description of separate geometry pieces in different files, which may then be included and used in the final assembly.